Are your purchase negotiations optimized?

Are you in charge of a negotiation centre and you do not have the dedicated tools to manage your purchases commercially or to manage your negotiations financially?

Are you in charge of a negotiation and purchasing department and your company's ERP does not meet your specific needs?

The answer is our NegoView solution

NegoView is the solution for negotiation centres/departments in order to optimize the management of trade agreements, discounts, commercial cooperation, retrocessions, tariff-setting conditions, customer advantages...

Based on financial, administrative and commercial directions, NegoView hinges on a common product data repository which can be integrated in your ERP and in your other current software solutions.

The management the closest to all the parameters of supplier agreements allows you to make significant profits. Furthermore, the operational savings resulting from using our solution reinforces its ROI.

  • The ecosystem of negotiation

    Ecosysteme de la négociation - Negoview

    NegoView hinges on a data repository suppliers / products integrable with your ERP and / or your other current software solutions.

  • The challenges of negotiating

    If your negotiation centre / department encounters one or more of the following situations in its management of trade negotiations, our solution will fully meet your expectations, needs or challenges:

    • Financial security and transparency - Do you want to ensure the security of your liquid assets and make sure, on one hand, that you have centralized all negotiations in a transparent manner, and, on the other hand, that you invoiced and recovered the entire amount of money included in your negotiations?
    • Performance and profitability - Do you want on the one hand to improve the running and performance of your negotiation cell, and on the other hand to have a clear and accurate view of the profitability of a product, of a line of products or of a supplier (dashboard, degression)?
    • Complexity - Are you faced with complex negotiations including different types of permanent or temporary commercial cooperations, rebates of all types, purchasing channels and various calculation basis, an organization on multiple levels of negotiation and you are lacking means to master the complex definition, calculation, control and follow-up?
    • Administrative volume and productivity gains - Are you facing a big volume of suppliers, and / or products, and / or purchase conditions, and / or business operations and counterparts that need to be followed, contracts to manage and you are potentially confronted with multiple listing tools?
    • Legal Compliance - Are you facing pressure from lawmakers always imposing more and more regulations on the tariff-setting conditions and you are looking for a solution allowing you to document all your negotiations in a clear and standard manner ?
  • Trade agreements

    • Life-cycle of agreements (negotiation, balances, ...)
    • Definition and valorization of deferred conditions (simple, conditional, scale-based)
    • Contractualization and Invoicing
    • Projected turnover, actual turnover and re-forecasting
    • Targets and follow-up
    • Degression (pricing degradation)


    • Supplier data repository / Brand / Product / Price
    • Numerous VAT zones and nomenclatures...
    • Conditions on simple invoices, on products, scale-based Weighted averages Rate changes

    Business operations

    • Permanent and non-permanent business operations
    • Product definition - operations
    • Counterpart relationships and achievements

    Organizational aspects

    • Multi-central purchasing services
    • Multi roles & languages


    • Systematic pre-calculations
    • Dashboards and integrated operational reports
    • Integration of external decision-making (eg: QVD QlikView)
  • Business advantages

    • Optimal valorization of retroactive discounts, deferred discounts and cooperations
    • Centralization of information relating to negotiation agreements with your suppliers: promotions, discounts, special operations, year-end discounts, ...
    • Increased productivity and profitability
    • Flexibility and adaptability organizational structures, processes and existing systems

    Technological advantages

    • Web-application based on a standard architecture (Spring, Hibernate, JQuery ...)
    • Intuitive webweb interfaces for easy user adoption
    • Ease of integration via API
    • Multi-platforms, Tablet-compatible
    • Available in a packaged version ready to be installed in your infrastructure or on the Cloud in SAAS mode