Do your business information exchanges go smoothly?

Are you a distributor and you would like to effectively communicate your electronic invoices of services and rebates, the result of your business operations, as well as other information concerning your negotiations (turnover, purchasing, contractualization,...) on-line to your supplier network?

The answer is our solution, is a collaborative platform resolutely oriented towards retail, which offers a range of value-added services, based on an electronic invoicing service for service invoices and rebates. So you can have a smoother and faster communication with your suppliers, dashboards that help you communicate on the commercial activity and a simple and effective way of exchanging.

This solution fits naturally with Negoview, the management software package for negotiation centres, as well as any other system.

  • If your company meets any of the following business situations, our solution will fully meet your expectations, needs and challenges

    • You are facing a multitude of suppliers
    • You are sending a significant number of invoices, rebates and cooperations
    • You wish to switch to electronic invoicing in a reliable and flexible manner
    • You wish to communicate better with your suppliers on your business and especially on the joint business operations
  • Electronic invoicing

    • Format, certificate and signature in accordance with the legislation (PDF/A, PaDes LTV, AATL certificate)
    • Self-sufficient signature
    • Legal storing
    • XML integration by batch of invoices
    • PDF generation via multiple matrices


    • Dashboards and integrated operational reports
    • Integration of external decision-making (eg: QVD QlikView)

    Commercial activity

    • Loyalty (Business Operations) per partner / point of sale / product
    • Turnover
    • Trade agreements

    Organizational aspects

    • Multi-distributors / suppliers
    • Multi-countries
    • Multi-roles
    • Multi-languages


  • Business advantages

    • Cost reduction on invoicing management (printing, sending, preservation)
    • Better communication of business information to suppliers
    • Easy integration with the set-up software packages (ERP, BI, purchase programs...)
    • Creation of a centralized data repository from various referential sources
    • Reduced acquisition and use costs compared to the solutions on the market

    Technological advantages

    • Web-application based on a standard architecture (Spring, Hibernate, Php, Jquery, Ajax, ...)
    • Intuitive web interfaces for easy user adoption
    • Easy integration via API
    • Multi-platform. Tablet-compatible
    • Available in a packaged version ready to be installed in your infrastructure on the Cloud in SAAS mode