Marketing and collaborative website


Is the web a pillar of your communication strategy?

Do you want to usefully position your company on the Internet? Are you looking for more than just a nice website?

Your website may contain several hundreds of "pages" and make available a great number of contents. The whole website be translated into several languages and located according to the countries.
Your site will not be limited to content publishing. Many interactive applications are likely to complete the services you offer to your visitors.

The 360 ° Internet solution from Quixiz

We offer you full support for your web projects, from design to listing including all phases necessary for their implementation.

Besides extensive knowledge of "Contents Management Systems" (CMS) like Joomla or Wordpress, the web-design, the information architecture, the ergonomics, the development of custom-made applications, the integration in third party systems and the project management involving multiple participants are all skills that we can provide you with.

The functions of CMS

A great number of parameters influence the web strategy to set up: the field of activity of the company or organization, the type of products and services offered, the various types of customers, the methods of interactions that we want to establish...

Nevertheless there is a common thread of functions for the majority of projects. The list of features and characteristics below is not exhaustive...


  • Rich visual editor of the "mini-word" type
  • Edition from the public interface / admin
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Easy creation of internal links
  • Drag and drop for putting files on-line
  • Mass download
  • Reusable template article. Themes, predefined styles
  • Structured content management (standard forms)


  • Easy integration of videos. YouTube
  • Photo galleries with zoom, information, downloadable HD version
  • Centralized media management (Asset Management)
  • e-Catalogue for browsing


  • Mailing list - Newsletter - Subscription
  • E-Mailing campaign
  • Banner management
  • Simplified addresses with redirection system. Associated to QR codes


  • Prepublication (beta)
  • Approval mechanism before publication
  • Publication planning
  • Content reuse in different contexts
  • Content storage with restore option
  • Publication as Wiki, Blog, FAQ
  • Built-in search engine
  • Interfaces: Information feed (RSS) - Web Services - FTP - WebDAV

Customization - GroupWare

  • Dashboard and customized pages
  • Access to contents / functions per user group
  • Document management
  • Event management - Calendar
  • Contact management

Google referencing

  • URL Optimization - Search Engine Friendly (SEF)
  • Tag cloud. Taxonomies
  • Optimized code for referencing (order, meta, tags, images, ...)
  • Dynamic XML Site map
  • Google Analytics statistics
  • Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools

Social Media - Collaboration

  • Facebook integration. Joint publication
  • Share function towards social media
  • Integrated comment system
  • Discussion forums
  • Polls and surveys


  • Multilingual interfaces and contents
  • Mass treatment, direct intervention of translators via specific interfaces
  • Localization Variable content depending on language or region
  • UTF-8 supported

Technical Architecture - Performance

  • Free software - Open source
  • Documented framework for customizations and extensions. Pluggable API
  • Update procedure.
  • Advanced cache management
  • Load balancing
  • Instant Messaging - Live Chat


  • LDAP authentication / Pluggable. Single sign-on.
  • Audit trail
  • SSL compatibility
  • Validation of email addresses. Captcha
  • Automated backup.
  • Database replication under working conditions


  • Instruction manuals / online help
  • Large community of developers
  • Active public forum
  • Mailing list