Customer relationship management (CRM)


Do the standard CRM tools meet your needs?

A management tool for customer relationship aims to increase the number of new customers, to develop customer loyalty and increase sales. These general targets, however, may take very different forms from one company to another.

With their standard configurations, the CRM tools like or SugarCRM can manage the customer relationships following a fairly stereotyped process, which is not necessarily suitable for all types of businesses.

CRM solution tailored to your organization

Your needs will be noticeably different according to the number and type of your customers (consumers and / or professionals), according to the structure of your trade organization (sales representatives, distributors, importers, opinion leaders,...), according to the type of marketed goods and services (recurrent purchases or not), etc...

We carefully analyse the distinctive features of your business processes in order to offer you a CRM solution completely adapted, based on the customization of standard solutions and / or the development of custom-made solutions.

CRM software package, extensions and integration

In most cases, we will offer a multifaceted solution that best meets the needs of the different participants. The CRM software package will be completed to your advantage by the exchange platforms B2C and B2B, depending on each individual case .

We present you below with an overview of usual CRM function panel and with examples of extensions for consumers, distributors and importers as possible points of departure for a tailored solution to the business processes of your company.

CRM - for sales people

  • Management of the sales cycle
  • Management of prospects (leads)
  • Management of sales opportunities
  • Catalogue of products and services
  • Management of contracts and offers
  • Follow-up of orders, deliveries and invoices
  • Management of the customer data
  • Follow-up of activities, interactions with the customers
  • Sales forecast
  • Management of rounds, visit reports

CRM - for management

  • Statistical dashboards for the monitoring of the commercial activity. Directions for clients, commercial people, products...
  • Interactive Business Intelligence
  • Client segmentation
  • Management of commissioning

CRM - for customer service

  • Integration with the mobile phone for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Centralized access to client data
  • Management of incidents and intervention requests
  • Management of commercial disputes, merchandise returns ...
  • Knowledge data base


  • Automated and segmented mass communication
  • Marketing campaigns, emailing, sms, mailing
  • Web & social marketing

B2C - Consumers

  • Control of the personal data
  • Follow-up of exchanges with the company. Information request, quotations, after-sale service, warranty certificate
  • Interaction with the company through social networks, forums, comments,...

B2B and B2C - Distributors

  • B2B. Each distributor has access to their personal data
  • B2B. Management of interactions with the manufacturer / supplier: orders, after-sale service
  • B2C. In the case of companies that entrust the management B2C to a network of distributors. The CRM business functions are made available to the distributor to manage the relationship with the consumer. Prospects distributed according to the geo-localization, quotations.
  • B2C. The manufacturer / supplier oversees B2C operations using consecrated dashboards.

B2B - Importers

  • In the case of companies that entrust the management B2B and B2C to the importers. The CRM business functions are made available to them to manage the relationships with the network of local distributors and with the consumers.
  • In turn, the relationship with the consumers can be assigned to the distribution network. In this case we manage a 3 level relationship with ad-hoc tools: suppliers / manufacturer with importers, importers with distributors, distributors with consumers.

General Features

  • Shared calendar
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Emailing
  • Document database
  • Storing
  • Process automation. Task management, reminders, alerts...
  • Available on mobile and off-line mode.
  • Integration in a third system (ERP, Website, e-Commerce)