After-sales service


Does the after-sales service module of your ERP meets your expectations?

Can your clients, customers or distributors declare incidents themselves? Can they save their products? Can they follow the progress of ongoing interventions and check the history?

In case of intervention on your part, does your system organize the rounds of interventions automatically taking into account the distances to be covered and the availability of spare parts?

Quixiz develops appropriate solutions that meet these needs

We carefully analyse the distinctive features of the after-sales service process of your company. At this stage we offer an after-sales service solution completely adapted, based on the customization of standard solutions (eg: after-sales service module of your ERP, SAP) and / or the development of custom-made solutions.

The key points of an after-sales service solution

Improve service while reducing costs..
The management solutions for the after-sales service developed by Quixiz meet this twofold objective.

Thanks to the integrated management processes, problems are quickly identified, interventions planned, the carried out troubleshooting are precisely detailed and the invoicing is automated. Automation at different stages of this process leads to significant cost reductions of the service.

The after-sales service, the engine of constant improvement of products and services.
It concerns of course the quality of the after-sales service itself, but also of the use of statistical data from interventions that can improve products and services by eliminating recurring problems at the source.

For the consumer

  • On-line product recording with extended warranty
  • Warranty certificates in electronic format or on paper
  • Notification in case of intervention

For the distributor

  • On-line product recording
  • Failure diagnosis
  • Intervention request
  • Follow-up of interventions, from demand to intervention report and including the planning
  • Service open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

For the manufacturer

  • Management of intervention requests from A to Z
  • Automatic planning of intervention rounds with optimized distances to be covered
  • Multiple input accelerators
  • Failure statistics by product
  • Input statistics by distributor

SAP integration

  • System fully integrated with SAP ERP.
  • Serial number of produced items
  • Catalogue of failure type by product and, for each failure type, the operations and the spare parts necessary
  • Warranty certificate
  • Notice and order of services
  • Material requirements planning (MRP) for spare parts
  • Intervention report
  • Invoicing