Custom-made solutions


Do you have specific needs?

If our ready-to-use solutions that we presented do not meet your needs, we can offer you a detailed analysis of your requirements carried out together with you. On this basis we will present you with a suitable custom-made solution. We implement this type of project using our agile development methodology.

Software architecture

In order to accomplish your customized projects in terms of management application, Quixiz prefers to use its development accelerator Webturbo, which is based on a web architecture combining Open Source Java technologies (Spring, Hibernate, ...), as regards the servers, and on Jquery/Html5/CSS3 technologies, as regards the clients.

If your need is directed more towards a web application like CMS and / or eCommerce, Quixiz will prefer to use a simpler php framework like Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop ...