Requirements analysis

analyse processus métier

Business process analysis

With over 10 years at its clients' service, Quixiz has gathered experiences in creating web standard and custom-made solutions. With this wealth of experiences behind, we can help you refine the analysis of your needs, check the key points for choosing the best solution to implement.

Ad-hoc solutions that support your business without the constraints!

There are excellent standard solutions that can meet your functional needs in many cases! However, it is rare that they meet them completely. The choice between a ready-to-use solution adapted to your specific needs and a solution entirely custom-made is less obvious than it seems at first sight.

Clarity is needed to be able to discard the standard solutions which sometimes offer a lot for a reduced cost but they correspond very little to the running of your business or they do not have enough adaptability. There is then a real risk of constraining the evolution of your activity rather than boosting it.

Integration in the current systems

The analysis of the set-up computer systems is another key point. The implementation of a major project often involves the redefinition of the functional scope of existing applications. We have the experience in managing this type of technology transition. A smooth transition implies a good phasing of operations, a clear technical integration and an assistance at the nearest of the users affected by the changes of the process.