Quixiz - solutions overview

Specialists in business relationship management

Quixiz offers you a set of solutions and services focused on the management of business relations. With a wealth of expertise of more than 10 years in specific projects of this domain, Quixiz offers you appropriate answers to manage various aspects of your relationships that your business may have with its suppliers and its customers.

The relationships with suppliers

  • NegoView is the NRP solution (Negotiation Resource Planning) for central purchasing and / or negotiation service. Management of optimized discounts, trade agreements, trade cooperation, retrocessions, tariff-setting conditions, customer advantages...
  • Cloobiz is a collaborative platform for exchanges between distributors and suppliers which offers a package of added value services, based on an electronic invoicing for services and rebates.

The relationships with your customers. B2B or B2C

  • Marketing and interactive websites main tool of your communication strategy. Connected with the social media and integrated in your back-office, it allows you moreover to serve and interact with your customers.
  • E-Commerce Solutionincluded in the production planning of the ERP for an immediate view of deadlines (eg. MRP SAP). Integration of sales nomenclatures, rates, orders ... Asynchronous real time concept for a greater autonomy.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)on three or four levels. From the manufacturer to the consumer including the network of distributors and, where necessary, through importers. Geo-localization, automated mailing, follow-up of the customer relationship...
  • Management solution of After-Sales Servicefor manufacturers. Helps customers as quickly as possible while minimizing costs and actively working to improve products.
  • Other solutions - your projects from A to Z

    Quixiz also creates custom-made solutions for you. Without reinventing the wheel and adapting to the specific needs of each company we implement upgradable solutions which benefit from an intuitive ergonomics that enhances productivity.